By Jim Darter, President & CEO


Jİm DarterAt long last, I am thrilled to welcome you to Sandpiper Hospitality’s new website. For years, we have gone without. And we have done pretty well! But now, here, you have an opportunity to learn more about us.

While our electronic personality is heavily influenced by what you see here, it is our actions every day that truly make us who we are. It is our “walk” that must backup our “talk.” So, as you get to know my team and our company, I think you will find that we are tried and true to our heritage and to the things that we value the most – our company Mission and our supporting Core Values.

As I approach two years as Sandpiper Hospitality’s President & CEO, I am awfully proud of the team that has been built to take us into the future. We are armed with tremendous talent that brings experience from almost all levels of hospitality. Through our leaders, we have added evolutionary capability, strategic ability and the kind of can do attitude and spirit that is rare and hard to find.

I have strategically focused on two parallel paths:

1. Ensure that we are exceeding the expectations of our investors and partners today with results that drive ROI

2. Build our capability and organizational strength to allow us to grow and achieve our aggressive future goals tomorrow

As a result of the progress that we have made, the talent that we have assembled and the results that we are achieving, I believe that Sandpiper Hospitality will be a transformative catalyst for the growth and prosperity of all our stakeholders.

In the end, it our ability to deliver on our obligations to our investors that is the measure of our success. However, how we do that is up to us. And that is by making people our first priority.

Welcome to our online home!