Kim Sherard

Senior Human Resources Manager
Sandpiper Hospitality

Kim was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Mount Olive, NC; she considers herself to be a city-country girl! Kim graduated college from University of Mount Olive where her major was Business. Kim loves the Washington Football team! She enjoys working out and Karaoke.

Kim says she chose HR as her professional career because she loves working with people and HR is constantly changing and growing; it’s never boring!

Kim loves to tell the story of how she came to Sandpiper to all applicants she interviews! Kim started at Sandpiper Hospitality as a Temp HR Coordinator working a two week assignment in December 2017. Kim came to Sandpiper Hospitality with HR experience from her previous job. Kim showed that she had the knowledge, ability, reliability, and people-person attitude for the job; her temp assignment was extended to a few months, and in May 2018 she was offered a permanent position as HR Assistant. Kim continued learning and growing in her role, and in March 2019 another opportunity was offered to her: HR Manager. Kim knew Human Resources was her calling. Her work, though driven by corporate goals, was enhanced by a sense of purpose and a love for what she does. In June 2020, Kim was presented another opportunity for the Senior HR Manager position, and she accepted the offer. She is eager to learn more and continue developing in the role.

Kim reports that she is enjoying her journey with Sandpiper Hospitality. She is a perfect example that if you put in the work and dedication, Sandpiper Hospitality sees and appreciates your efforts! Kim is proud to be a part of the Sandpiper Family and is looking forward to the continued success and growth of the company.