renita sommers

Words to Live By…

Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try.

Ernest Hemingway

Renita Sommers

Chief of Staff

People approach Renita with, “We need to get this done,” because she’s the one who usually can make it happen. Renita was Sandpiper’s very first employee back when the company had two hotels that were being managed by a franchisor. Two other hotels were in development and Renita assisted with the building and opening of those hotels, which led to the beginning of the property management company. As a then-small company, Renita wore hats for HR, Accounting, and Operations until those positions were filled.

Before joining Sandpiper, she managed a family real estate business and worked with commercial appraisal, sales, leasing and development. After raising her children, she opened her own home staging company, which she sold to her partner when she joined Sandpiper.

Currently, most of Renita’s time for Sandpiper is spent on entitlement, handling the discretionary approval process at the local level for new development projects and acquisitions. She handles insurance, risk management, corporate IT and is a go-to person for Regional and General Managers. Suffice it to say she is one of Sandpiper’s most valuable assets, as she keeps the train on the track.

More About Renita


San Antonio, TX


The American University

The perfect VACATION

Sitting in a lounge chair on a beach with a cold beverage in hand

Favorite TEAMS

One teenage son is a Redskins fan and the other teenage son is a Cowboys fan, which keeps things interesting.

Best part of working at Sandpiper

Solving problems and making a better company for the employees, partners, investors and guests.