Words to Live By…

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” -Simon Sinek

Tyler Elliott

Manager of Training

As a lifelong learner, Tyler thrives in creating, developing, and implementing training content that promotes an impactful experience for the learner. “Early on in my leadership career I discovered my why”, says Tyler. His “why” is what dictates his passion for training! He discovered that setting up individuals for success and watching them grow and develop as leaders tied directly to their training and coaching. This is the foundation of his “why” that he brings into every role!

Prior to joining the Sandpiper Family, Tyler worked in Higher Education in Residential Life and First Year Experience. He was a pivotal person in the development of college students and future leaders in the hospitality field at Johnson & Wales University – Charlotte. He was then awarded with the opportunity to work for Topgolf, one of the leading golf entertainment venues. Quickly finding his niche in the training world at Topgolf allowed him the opportunity to strengthen his facilitation skills and implementing training across the brand.

Tyler’s focus is on elevating Sandpiper’s core values and culture for all associates across the company. He has an innate drive to assist everyone in finding a sense of belonging to their career. His radical facilitation skills, out-of-the-box creativity, and dedication to meeting learners where they are is what will leverage the training programs he develops at Sandpiper Hospitality.

More About Tyler


Lynchburg, Virginia


Johnson & Wales University – Charlotte


It is the action of extending a warm welcome to those who visit your home, office, or company. It is making all GUESTS feel a sense they are home!

When he is NOT WORKING, he is…

more than likely reading a book, listening to a podcast, or binge-watching something on Netflix. All the introvert things!

Favorite TEAMS

Not a huge sport fan but I am a fan of my last name, so whatever team Ezekiel Elliott is playing for is the team that I am more than likely sporting their jersey.

First J.O.B.

Short-order cook

Favorite BRAND

Apple because they are entuned with their “why”! They are one of the examples used in Simon Sinek’s Starting with Why TEDTalk – they compete against themselves to get better, rarely focusing on the competition. They are recognized for creating user-friendly interfaces with beautifully designed products