Words to Live By…

``If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.``

Ken Richardson

Regional Revenue Manager

Ken graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1991. Hospitality was one of his many jobs as he graduated in challenging economic times. He moved from an independent motel on the south side of Cincinnati (northern Kentucky) to a management company in Louisville KY. He then worked as a traveling trainer/installer for a PMS company. Before joining Sandpiper Hospitality, Ken worked for a full-service Casino Resort outside Philadelphia PA and for Choice Hotels International.

Ken brings a wealth of knowledge on Choice Hotels and its systems, and Revenue Management in general, from his time there (over twelve years in hospitality, Revenue Management specifically)

More About Ken


Keene, NH


University of Cincinnati, what is a Bearcat, anyway?


Hospitality, at its core, is welcoming. It of course involves cleanliness, friendliness, well-kept facilities, and value for price paid, etc. However, if it is not welcoming, why would your guest or customer come back to your business?

When I’m NOT WORKING, I am…

learning about the history of his recent home purchase and surrounding area, north of Tampa Florida. He enjoys beach days, combing through the many resale/antique shops in the area, as well as taking his dogs, Glory and Grouper, on walks in local parks.

Favorite TEAMS

Cincinnati Bearcats

First J.O.B.

McDonald’s, Keene NH

Favorite BRAND

Not well known, but Cariloha Bamboo Products. All their products are made from bamboo fiber. Their products last because of the strength of bamboo and are much cooler on your skin than cotton products. They started small, but as they have added product lines, they have kept their quality and excellent customer service standards.