Cameron Godfrey

General Manager
WoodSpring Suites
Columbus North I-270


Cameron was born in Dallas, Texas, however he moved to various states for his father’s career. He and his family settled in West Des Moines, Iowa. Later, he pursued an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education from Columbus State Community College while also having completed coursework from Graceland University studying Psychology.  His dream  of becoming a Casino Resort & Hotel owner remains alive today.

Cameron began his career with Sandpiper Hospitality back in September 2015 as a Guest Services Ambassador. He quickly rose through the ranks to Asst. General Manager and is now a General Manager at our WS Columbus North site.

Cameron’s hospitality career began before joining Sandpiper Hospitality. In fact, his story begins with spending time with other major brands as well as in the Education discipline. Who knew?

In his own words…“Before my Sandpiper career began I worked as a Night Auditor at the Residence Inn Columbus Downtown location. I also worked at The Courtyard by Marriot Columbus Airport location as a Supervisor, Bistro Supervisor, Shuttle Driver and Front office agent. Concord Hospitality was the company that owned and operated those hotels during my six years as an employee with them.  Before working in hotels, I worked as a pre-school teacher for children and families at North Broadway Children’s Center.“
Cameron contributes his success to: “…I lead with my heart and I lead by example and I put relationships and people first before making tough decisions. I want my associates to believe and trust in me and our vision for the property and for all our growth as individuals.  There is always room to get better and be more prepared as a team.”

We are delighted to have Cameron as one of our successful members of the Sandpiper Hospitality team. Way to Go Cameron!

Johnathon Rogers

General Manager
WoodSpring Suites
Fredericksburg, VA


Johnathon is from Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  Before the hospitality business, he worked in retail as a Customer Service Representative and later became a Customer Service Manager.  He took on the duties of hiring and training. Johnathon started in hospitality in Colorado working on the front desk of an extended stay hotel where he developed his hospitality skills.

Johnathan relocated to Virginia and was determined to find his place in hospitality and that was when Brandon received his resume and on December 12, 2016, hired him as a Guest Service Ambassador at the Manassas location. “My duty as a Guest Services Ambassador was to ensure the guest was completely satisfied when it came to anything regarding their stay. I would do things like take them an ironing board and iron if needed, give them fresh pillows, wake up calls, literally anything that was going to make the guest comfortable in their home away from home.”

Johnathan pitched in where needed.  “I feel that working any job, there will eventually come a time where you may become short staffed. I’ve covered shifts when an employee was unable to make it due to an emergency and have completed maintenance duties due when maintenance person was unavailable. Even though your work place may be short staffed, business must go on and I am I’m going to do whatever I can to help our each and every guest.”

Due to his attitude, perseverance and ability to please guests, Johnathon was promoted to the Assistant General Manager at Manassas in September of 2017.  Guest satisfaction is his priority.  He interviews, hires and trains Guest Service Ambassadors ensuring guests are greeted and taken care of in the best possible way.  “If there’s something that the employees feel that they cannot handle, I must be available 24/7 to assist them…”

In June of 2018, Johnathon was promoted to General Manager of his very own hotel, the Wood Spring Suites in Fredericksburg, VA.  This is an outstanding accomplishment and one that we are sure will be a win/win/win for Johnathon, the hotel and its many loyal guests.

Johnathon, we are very proud of your success and cannot wait to watch your career soar to even greater heights.

Way to Go Johnathon!

Melissa Jiles

Assistant General Manager
WoodSpring Suites
Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, LA


Melissa is from Berwick, Louisiana and graduated from Berwick High School. Before Melissa joined Sandpiper, she worked in an assisted living facility as a lead care giver. Her ultimate dream is to become a business owner. Melissa aspires to be a positive role model for her children, “I want my kids to know that if you work hard and stay focused that any and everything is possible.”

Melissa started with Sandpiper as a Guest Services Ambassador on June 14, 2016. She greeted everyone that came through the door and treated them with respect. She respects her co-workers and they return that respect, stating, “We get along great and we help each other out no matter what our job title is.”  Melissa supports her team by working double shifts to make sure there is always someone covering the front desk.  She helped out with housekeeping when it was short-staffed or if there are just a lot of rooms to clean.

On September 23, 2017, Melissa was promoted to Assistant General Manager, declaring, “It was one of the best days in my life!” She maintains and operates the hotel, including customer payment management. She ensures employees come to work and “get the job done so we can ensure that the guests have a pleasant stay.”

We are delighted to have Melissa as one of our successful members of the Sandpiper Hospitality team. Way to Go Melissa!