Words to Live By…

“Live” until you die!

Len Marazzo

Regional Vice President

Len always loved hospitality and travel. He learned at a very young age that experiencing new destinations and taking care of people was something that got him excited! One of his first jobs was working as a busboy for Hyatt Hotels. Being in the hotel environment gave Len the desire to travel and experience the world. He spent five years working as an on-site meeting planner and traveled the globe. Len has spent time working in more than 25 countries over the course of his career. Eventually, he came home to the hotel industry, again working with Hyatt, Hilton and now Sandpiper Hospitality. Len takes great joy in taking care of both guests as well as associates.

More About Len


Born and raised in Lake Tahoe. Currently live in Reno Nevada


Hospitality is the ability to welcome and take care of everyone as if they are family!

When he is NOT WORKING, he is…

When not working I still enjoy traveling with my family and love watching my wife of 33 years and my adult kids get excited about seeing a new destination. I also enjoy camping and hiking in our National Parks.

Favorite TEAMS

Chicago Cubs

First J.O.B.

Trail guide at Ponderosa Ranch

Favorite BRAND

Costco. I love the fact that they have a “member” mentality. They have a knack for making you feel valued even though you are paying to shop there. They have really perfected the concept of customer service and know how to build and retain loyalty.