Words to Live By…

Treat everyone the with the dignity & respect they deserve.

Mark Schwenker

Vice President Operations

Mark is an industry veteran with nearly 30 years of experience working in limited service, select service and extended stay environments. He has worked throughout the entire United States as a General Manager, Recruiter & Trainer, Corporate Support, District & Regional assignments with large multi-unit responsibilities to Executive Leadership.

At the core of all of Mark’s positions has been his ability to develop the people he has hired, coached and mentored throughout the years. He has broad reaching experience not only managing the human capital side of the business but also a very solid understanding of the physical plant aspect. He is most proud of the associates he has helped develop and grow over the years.

Mark’s caring and thoughtful approach while being very direct and forthright, regardless of his audience, has helped Mark deliver solid, sustainable results with every organization he has worked for.

More About Mark


Rochester, MN


University of Wisconsin-Madison


Making People Feel at Home Even When They Aren’t

When he is NOT WORKING, he is…

Likes working in the dirt such as planting things, growing things and making things beautiful.

Favorite TEAMS

Minnesota Vikings & Wisconsin Badgers


Skiing in the Alps.

LIFE Aspiration

Enjoy life, have fun and be a positive influence to those around you.

First J.O.B.

Laying sod.

Favorite BRAND

Orvis.  High Quality, Understated & Classic.  Will never go out of style!